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Success story: Change Management

Moving is stressful and generates uncertainty. Even more in those cases where there is not only a new office on the horizon but also a new way of working. The original offices were distributed in two buildings that were occupied for more than thirty years. The new location had been designed with an open office concept and it was distributed along 9,000 m2 that would host more than 600 employees. For this American company dedicated to the chemical industry, the change should take place fast and be completely visible and the employees should positively perceive the improvement and adapt to the new working model. ¿How to successfully achieve the change considering that since the beginning the project required a solid understanding of the organization culture and associated impacts?



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1.A consistent stakeholder management was established from top management including opening statements, messages and welcome sessions with employees.

2.Change agents were defined to be involved with both the employees and the construction that was taking place.

3.Development of training and communication guides including new processes and ways of working in open spaces. Inclusion of visible signals and welcome kits. Promotion of new offices and their advantages, from nearby restaurants and entertainment guides to the benefits of the new area.

4.Changed Managers actively working with Project Managers to detect and mitigate risks.


1.Quick adoption of the new working places

2.Achieved the expected improvements for working in open spaces.

3.Savings obtained with the new office.