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Success story: Change Management

Implementing a new tool like SAP Success Factors, while replacing PeopleSoft, could represent challenges regarding training and adoption of new processes and ways of working. Even more, when the complexity is significatively increased by the volume of users as the project in this leading global retail organization headquartered in the US impacted over 200,000 people in Mexico and 40,000 in Central America. The initial scope were the HR processes, payroll and their enablers: it should be guaranteed uninterruptedly the payroll payment. In addition, the top management message was crystal clear: market best practices, few adaptations as well as challenging current business processes with openness and flexibility to rethink the way of working. Likewise, the project had a limited budget and under no circumstances could be delayed.


Retail global leader

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1.Implemented a structured Change Management process with tools to lead the human side of the change and achieve the desired results increasing the chances of project success.

2.Applied Agile practices and principles based on collaboration, involvement and make things possible.

3.Analyzed and diagnosed the change characteristics and features as well as the ADKAR model to identify change barriers. KPIs were designed to measure communication, stakeholders and readiness assessment plans.

4.Team worked with the customer to make the change sustainable and mitigate possible implementation delays.

5.Integrated with the training area to identify functional impacts in order to ensure and appropriate adoption in people, processes and technology.


1.Adoption of new processes and tools at all locations under scope.

2.Payroll payment guaranteed for 240,000 people.

3.Business continuity due to the correct identification of impact in people, process and technology.