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Success story: Change Management

At this manufacturing organization with more than 130,000 employees in more than 30 countries, making centralized changes in the tools and in the way that users interact with IT generates significant uncertainty. The organization has grown and acquired companies during the last years and not all the tools were standardized as many still were using the inherited mechanisms. At the same time, users had different roles and profiles and were located at diverse environments such as factories, distribution centers, depots or offices. In addition to the existing diversity, the users also had different types of accesses and interaction with technology devices, from laptops for office users to handhelds for on the road personnel where their presence at the sites were limited to some moments during the day. This situation represented a complexity even higher when each organization or business unit had each own HR and internal communications area; and the training and associated messages should be performed in five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Mandarin. How to align the entire organization in the change considering the complexity and diversity of its main players?



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1.A Change Management process with five components (communication, training, coaching, resistance management and stakeholder management) was established since the beginning of the IT transformation.

2.Alignment and coordination of the communication between corporate, regional and local offices.

3.Activation of change agents to reach the complete diversity of users and environments.

4.Development of communication material according to the target audience (screens, flyers, oral communication, etc) and in each language. Training guides per type of user and in each language as well.


1.Quick and seamless adoption of IT tools by end users.

2.Improvement of end user satisfaction.

3. Increase in business service levels, especially in products logistics.